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The Doctors: Korean Drama review

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The Doctors is a motivational drama about a girl who is abandoned by her father. What about her mother? Read on to get to know the general idea of the show.

The Korean drama The Doctors which everyone must watch

Why The Doctors?

The Doctors is a motivational drama about a girl who is abandoned by her father. What about her mother? Read on to get to know the general idea of the show. The major attraction to watching this drama is the casting. The main casts are Park Shin-Hye, Kim Rae-won, Lee Sung-Kyung, and so on. This is a medical and emotional drama released in 2016 and is most liked. The scenes that will be shown will seem to be realistic. And for a non-medico, this drama will make him fall in love with medical sciences and would be a great exposure!

When we read the title of the drama “The Doctors” we develop an image accordingly. But here comes the interesting part. This drama has an unexpected storyline that falls into the genre of motivation and you will fall in love with this drama. Once you start watching, you will have butterflies inside your body for the love triangle in between.

Important Factors of this drama

A teenage girl who has no interest in studies, acts like a gangster everywhere, has no friends, and with all obstacles, how is she gonna face the world in the future? How is she motivated to study all of a sudden? Will anyone be friends with her? What life-changing event is going to happen in a sober though bold, strong, lonely girl’s life? Once you know all the answers to the questions above after watching the drama, you will get goosebumps all over. You should give it a try watching it and I would say it will be a learning experience. This is one of the highly recommended dramas.

The casting

Generally, the most interesting part of all Korean dramas is the selection of the actors which always go along. There are always two main actors playing different roles in the same drama. Sometimes it may be a villain’s part. This is another attraction to watching Kdramas.

The casting of the main lead(Yoo Hye-Jung) is done by Park Shin-Hye who has done incredible acting of a bold, strong, smart girl who had a stressful childhood. However, the male lead(Hong Ji-hong) played by Kim Rae-won who is a biology teacher in a school but has a medical degree. Then why is he not practicing as a doctor?
The life of both change after they meet each other and the chemistry between the two should be missed.

Building of side characters

Moreover, the story is developed accordingly as the side characters come into the picture and finally ends with lots of incidents in between which may be challenging or a struggle to take revenge.Lee Sung-kyung as Jin Seo-woo and Yoon Kyun-sang as Jung Yoon-do are the second main lead of this drama. There is a slight tension between all four casts which takes the story to the next level.

A Question from Us

As the story is about doctors, there are interesting and challenging cases that the main lead along with others has to overcome in order to save the patient. Will they be able to restore their duties as a doctor?

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