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Shawshank Redemption:Movie Review

In the world of cinema few movies have left marks as deep as Shawshank redemption of 1994. The movie was adapted from a
Starring movie by Morgarn Freeman and Tim Robbins(Must View)

In the world of cinema few movies have left marks as deep as Shawshank redemption of 1994. The movie was adapted from a Stephen king novel of the same name. It showed the corruption of the prison system in the United States and provided a reasonable viewing experience without pushing a false view of prisoners and portraying a criminal system worthy of escaping from to lead a better life.

              It is almost always the fault of society that it has prisoners and the responsibility of the same society to re-educate them and rehabilitate them and help them lead a better and more successful life free from stigma that may arise from the past of the person in question. Creating a better world is easy when there is a strong bond between individuals and this bond thus extends to society as a whole. This image and ideology is beautifully portrayed in the movie with incredible performances from the lead actors driving home the fact that it is not always justice that is provided when the law is taken to a point and the truth is not even considered.


The story deals with Andy Dufresne a banker who was wrongfully incarcerated for the murder of his wife and her lover. He was a genius at hiding money and was an expert at laundering. During this incarceration he meets Ellis Boyd “Red” Redding a prison smuggler who becomes a close acquaintance and later a friend. Life in prison is bleak for Andy facing abuse and attempts on his life which is bravely handled by Andy. He becomes a money launderer in prison for the prison guards. He hides away hundreds of thousands of dollars for the whole prison staff and becomes an invaluable asset to the guards. He is offered protection and a safe haven here. Things go smoothly for years until Andy learns of the truth that a man has claimed the murder of his wife and her lover which means that he was free ,but the chief of the guards deem it too risky to allow Andy to leave with all the information that he has. This puts a huge toll on his mental health and red feels helpless. One fine morning it is noticed that Andy is missing from the prison everyone is questioned until a hole is found behind a poster that was hung in his cell. All alarms are rung and a manhunt ensues but Andy escapes. On his way out he had managed to get the details of all the illegal transactions he had made on the behalf of the prison staff which he mails to the authorities while also taking over two hundred thousand dollars from the money he hid away to escape onto Mexico. When Red is released on parole he himself feels quite frustrated and unable to live in the outside world but he soon remembers about a spot Andy mentions where he hid something. Red finds a box with cash and location to a beach in Mexico where Andy was awaiting him. The film ends with the two friends reunited and a smile on their faces.


The film is an interesting blend of the drawbacks of the prison system which tortures and turns even an innocent man into a criminal. When a person is wrongfully accused and incarcerated his/her life is permanently disfigured and damaged to the point of no returns his identity is forever tarnished and it is almost impossible to gain back the lost goodwill. Both Red and Andy are victims of this tarnishing effect. They are not able to return to a peaceful and meaningful life even when they have atoned for their mistakes and are reintegrated into society. It is a tragic biopic of a system which is flawed with the guards having a large amount of control in making the lives of the prisoners a living hell. Questionable actions of those in power are the cause of all the problems faced by the prisoners. It is a good message that is passed by the film makers in creating a wider understanding of the justice system and its drawbacks. It also established that Andy is a prophet like figure who is incarnated to free Shawshank prison from the clutches of darkness, under him it is  possible for the other prisoners to even hope for a better life and this is the main theme of the story “hope”. It is possible for even the lowest of low individuals of society to feel as if they are worthy of love and compassion.

              The movie has managed to garner an unquestionable amount of loyalty and fan favor from both the audience and critics alike. It is considered the pinnacle of human cinematic experience . it still holds as the best film on IMDB since 2008 and had surpassed the godfather to take the throne. It is often regarded as a cinematic masterpiece which it deserves the title of, without question.

              In the humble opinion of a reviewer it is a master class in the art of film making. It has an amazing story which is accompanied by a even better cinematography. Each shot in the movie is to point- perfection. No unnecessary scenes no wasted moments and class leading camera angle placements makes this movie a gem to watch and ogle at. The creative liberalisms taken to shoot the movie ensure that it does not bore the viewer even for a second. It truly deserves all praise that came its way. Another key aspect in driving home the movie is the amazing soundtrack it possesses which almost leaves the viewer in a trance like state, sticking their eyeballs to the screen. Overall this movie cannot be recommended enough and makes even a small time viewer wish to be a filmmaker. The love of cinema is displayed here by the director and writers and thus they deserve a standing ovation for their efforts.


               All in all “Shawshank Redemption” deserves a rating of 9.1/10 and a recommendation that deserves no second opinion. Have fun and enjoy.

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