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MY STRANGE HERO : K-drama review

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My strange hero is a rom-com series that includes the storyline from high school and after college life. It is an excellent drama released in 2018. The story begins when a schoolboy falls for


My strange hero is a rom-com series that includes the storyline from high school and includes after college life story . It is an excellent drama released in 2018. The story begins when a schoolboy falls for a girl who is his classmate. The girl, who is very kind-hearted and beautiful, also likes the boy, and they start to go out.

Days pass happily, but a tragedy at school occurs, which is so unexpected that it changes everything, and this lovely relationship is no more. What is the cause? Who is behind it? What may be such an incident that is life-changing? The tragedy taking place made the boy discontinue school! What will he do next?

As the series goes on, more deadly secrets are disclosed. What may be these secrets that made them fall apart even though the truth was all along? Years pass by, and no sign of each other, nor have they met. They have their profession, duties, and responsibilities to attend to and establish their lives.

The boy still needs to complete his schooling, so what may he be doing? This series takes us to a new world of imagination and is full of surprises!


The main casts are Yoo Seung-ho as Kang Bok-soo, the main hero(schoolboy) who has done a great job acting as an honest, strong, and cute character. His smile and expressions will melt your heart.
Jo Bo-ah as Son Soo-Jung (school girl), who is equally strong as the male lead, independent, self-sufficient, and undoubtedly beautiful. Their roles and the characters take us to a new era of thinking!

This story contains fantasy, mystery, and romance!
Kwak Dong-Yeon as Oh Se-ho has played a trivial character role who is psycho and intelligent simultaneously! His character gives us goosebumps! He has much potential and is capable of taking any action!
His role depicts grudge, anger, and a crazy character. Moreover, the side characters who have been given the parts of friends of the main cast are jolly and understanding. The overall selection of forms according to the themes they want to convey to the audience is satisfactory. You have no idea what’s going to happen next? I am sure you cannot guess right away!


In the beginning of My strange hero, the story is about the everyday life of children going to school, a girl being liked by a boy, their friends teasing, and whatnot.
Their friends and the environment are happy, and everyone feels bliss. But there occurs a tragedy that makes everyone stunned. Something unexpected has happened. How will anyone digest it? After the incident, another part of the story begins. The second half is exciting and falls into the thriller and mystery genre.

Everyone is now in search of the actual cause of the incident. Due to some reasons, the investigation has stopped, and nobody cares about it now! I do not want to elaborate more, and i hope you will watch this mystery drama.

The plot is not ordinary! It is worth watching even once. The story is complicated and gives us chills as we move further. There are many other excellent dramas for all Korean drama lovers to watch, as given below-(I would suggest)

  1. Flower of Evil
  2. Revenge of others 
  3. Crash landing on you
  4. Where stars land
  5. The Glory


I am a Korean drama lover, obsessed with the music they put in Korean movies. You should watch at least one drama from all genres and experience the emotions they depict! I have been so obsessed that I have watched more than 50 Korean dramas. You should empathize and sympathize with the story and the scenarios they are presenting.

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