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How To Reduce and Manage Depression

Depression has grown to be a buzzword in the current generation, for every sad or slightly disappointing occurrence people believe they are depressed but how do we realize what is depression and what is not?

Depression has grown to be a buzzword in the current generation, for every sad or slightly disappointing occurrence people believe they are depressed but how do we realize what is depression and what is not? Not every occurrence of sadness can be categorized as depression and not everyone can be depressed let us find some examples of real life circumstances and find ways to alienate this condition.

Clinical Depression

Depression can be of many types but the main entity that people refer to is clinical depression and this is a serious mental health disorder which causes depressed mood or loss of interest in activities that previously excited you. It is not always necessary that a person always remains sad without even a glimmer of happiness entering their life, depression can be intermittent as people may experience sadness of varying degree which they may recover from in a few hours or a few days, but is it possible for a person recovering from the loss of a loved one to feel happy again in such a short interval of time? Any sound minded person would answer no. The problem with categorizing sadness is that not everyone is sad in the same way, and this means that there is no one cure to solve all ailments.

Ways To Reduce Depression
  • In order to create a healthy body the first step is to ensure that the mind is healthy but for most people this is not easy to accomplish. People have a hard time getting out of their comfort zone and thus it is quite difficult for someone in depression to get out of it unless they take steps to improve the situation they are living in.
  • Creation of a balanced diet and exercise is a good way to clear the mind and to ensure free blood flow to the brain and keep the body healthy. This is also a good way to boost self confidence and to reduce tension that may occur from work or school.
  • Depression is a hard issue to combat alone and it is not weakness to ask for help when one needs it. Talking to someone, be it a trained professional or the guy selling you tea is a good way to ensure that your feelings have a way to leave the uncomfortable atmosphere that exists in your brain.
  • Find ways to remove oneself from situations that cause harm to you or reduce your happiness. It is also wise to alienate individuals who create a bad atmosphere for you. ALWAYS PRIORITISE YOURSELF. Other people cannot be helped if you yourself are not fully available.
  •    Get help when situation gets out of hand: not everyone has the ability to handle their own problems themselves sometimes it is necessary to get help from someone you trust to help put light upon the issue that you are  facing remember that no one in this world is alone they just think they are.
  • Find ways to entertain yourself without the need for other people but do not use this as an excuse to hide out and never interact with another human being even when faced with challenges move out of your comfort zone and ensure that life is never a bleak place.
  • Do not sacrifice your happiness for any monetary gain as this money would not be of any use if there is no mind to spend it.
  • Create alternate sources of happiness and never expect it from a single person or thing. branch out and start hobbies which interest you try anything once and leave it as soon as it starts hurting your mental health.
  • Life does not give second chances unless you strive to take it. Work harder to sort out any mistakes you may still feel salty about and try gaining inner peace.
  • Remove unnecessary distractions from your life. De-cluttering prevents you from wasting valuable mental space and prevents people from taking a hold of your life through your vices.
  • Value yourself and never think of oneself as a burden to others it is not possible to be self sufficient but it is better to have a shoulder to cry on when things get tougher than usual.
  • Depression is not a state of mind it is a disorder the sooner this is understood the better as people may not always understand that you have no control over the feelings that you may have at that moment and it is not because of them and have nothing to do with external influence.
  • Never, I repeat never get trapped in a state of hopelessness. Hope is what separates us from animals. We have been given the power to expect better so why not use it and expect that our life will improve when we focus our efforts on improving it
  • Cry when you feel it. Tears are a feature not a bug, cry and let out the frustrations that hold us back . Remove the stigma of what others might think, they never have and never will walk in the shoes that you have walked in they will never understand the struggles that you have gone through and may never have the capabilities to solve the problems that you faced on the daily.
  • Don’t get discouraged when your actions do not have the result that you intended it to have it takes time to get accustomed to new regiments. Life is long and the battle with depression small it will always be you who wins.
  • Shield yourself from actions that force you to break your stance. haters are always present to make you miserable and it is not wise to let them influence your beliefs or create roadblocks.
  • Trying to be better is always better than not trying at all.
Depression Is Curable

Life is worth living and it is better when you are in it. Remove toxic mentality from your mind and focus on being the best version of yourself. Depression is easy to cure with commitment life is not as bleak as it seems, listen to birds chirping , stars at night and spend some money doing things that excite you. Live life the way you want in a way that does not harm others.  Enjoy, stay happy, pet a dog, help someone achieve their dreams.

If anyone suffering from depression or any other mental illness needs help never hesitate to ask for help, reach out for a ear to be lent if need be.

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