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How To Pass Without Studying

Studying and practicing for an examination is a complex process but a necessary evil if you wish to pass. It is one thing never to open a book and attempt to write an exam and


Studying and practicing for an examination is a complex process but a necessary evil if you wish to pass. It is one thing never to open a book and attempt to write an exam and a whole different thing to study efficiently so that only a little work is needed. One must be open-minded and concentrated to pass without too much effort.

Studying is only feasible when we concentrate and put the effort in, but sometimes we need more time or patience. Let us look at some ways to improve our skills in being mentally prepared to pass without studying.

Points To Consider to pass without studying

  • Be in the proper mindset during classes to grasp some or most of the essential things taught in the class. Teachers usually give out important and frequently asked questions that can be remembered on the spot.
  • Answer questions even when you do not know the answer. It is easy to leave questions that carry a lot of marks just because you don’t know them, but we should, at the very least, try to attend to the question. Sometimes the teachers who correct the exam will give grace marks so that you may pass. 
  • Utilize the time provided. Even if you think you have written answers to every question, spend some time reviewing the questions and attempting to answer more, and change your answers if necessary, the main step to pass without studying.
  • Be friendly to the teachers and always be seen in a good light. It is elementary how teachers give passing grades and mark to students who they think are good students. All human beings have biases; use this bias to your benefit to manipulate teachers into helping you.
  • Never panic about exams. Exams always come and go. It is important not to dwell on the mistakes of your past. You always benefit from rewriting exams in which you have underperformed by asking the teachers politely.

Also Keep In Mind

  • Be extremely overconfident when writing the exam. Your confidence level is the key to getting good marks in the exam. Exams are easy once you can think of yourself far better than the exam and imagine yourself with a lot of mental prowess.
  • Have brilliant friends. Intelligent people tend to correct you and give you the information you did not ask for. Make sure you are friends with such people so that you get enough help for exams and can understand complex topics. You may need more time to be ready to understand all.
  • Be mentally prepared to get low marks. This is an essential step in reducing pain, even when you are disappointed with your marks. Being prepared also gives you the benefit of being pleasantly surprised when you get good marks. Teachers are also more likely to give you better grades if they feel you are vulnerable.
  • Never be afraid to ask for help when you do not know something. People are more likely to give much more leniency to someone genuinely trying to learn something, even when your real situation is different.


Life is too short to worry about exams. Even when this is the case, sometimes studying is necessary. Nobody knows everything, and revising will never hurt you. Study if and when you get the time. The most important thing to note is and always will be: never trust your friend when they say they did not study. Have fun and enjoy.

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