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Fight Club: Movie Review

Fight club is a 1999 cult classic movie directed by David Fincher and starred by Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. It is a movie that deals with mental illness and excessive ways in which
A movie of Aggression


Fight club is a 1999 cult classic movie directed by David Fincher and starred by Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. It is a movie that deals with mental illness and excessive ways in which some people take their rage out. Edward plays an unnamed narrator who starts a fight club with Tyler Durden, a soap salesman, played by Brad Pitt.

An Interesting Fact

Fight club is one of the most popular movies to come out at the end of the millennium. During its initial release, it was not a commercial success but it gathered immense popularity during its home release and on DVD. The movie focused on the unlikely friendship between the narrator and Tyler who are opposites but find comfort in each other.

Story Plot

Fight club starts with the narrator unable to cope properly with life. This leads him to join multiple support groups like ones for cancer which he does not have. In one of his escapades, he meets a fellow imposter, Maria Singer. They both agree to visit different sessions and never the same one together. During a flight home from a business trip, he meets a soap salesman Tyler who suggests that the narrator is trapped by consumerism.

In a weird twist of fate, all of the narrator’s assets burn down in an apartment fire and soon the narrator goes to live with Tyler. They agree to have a fistfight in a parking lot to relieve tension. This starts the infamous fight club which attracts quite a few people and daily fights start to get organized.

Without the narrator’s knowledge, Tyler starts recruiting the fight club patrons into a vandalism club called project mayhem. The narrator identifies that this is going on and tries to get the attention of the authorities but it fails due to many of the authorities being part of project mayhem. Tyler plans to destroy credit houses to free people from debt and relieve them from consumerism. When confronted Tyler reveals that he was the one who burned down the narrator’s house and that he started project mayhem in multiple cities which is a wide success.

Further In The Movie

The narrator after getting to know that Tyler has run away discovers that everyone refers to him as Mr. Durden. He is confused by this but later finds out that he is Tyler and he has been talking to himself all this time. He tries to stop the explosion of a building that holds a credit record but is stopped by Tyler who threatens him with a gun. The scuffle ends with the narrator remembering that he is Tyler and shooting himself in his mouth. This puts an end to the fake Tyler and the narrator is saved by Maria. They leave together as every building nearby gets destroyed.

The movie focuses on some themes that may be difficult to comprehend. The narrator is suffering from multiple personality disorder as well as depression. His life is governed by others which forces his more active and dominating side to come out. The violence that ensues is a result of the pent-up anger that is in his life. At last, he comes face to face with himself and decides to put an end to his dark side of him and lead a better and normal life.

Movie Popularity

Fight club is popular with youngsters and is still regarded as a superb movie even two decades after its release. The movie has almost as many haters as it has fans, which is similar to the dual nature of the movie. This movie and its plot were parodied hundreds of times by different media outlets.

My Connection With The Fight Club

This movie holds a special place in my heart as it is a movie I watch whenever I feel down. Therefore I have a biased opinion when I say that it is an amazing movie. I award this movie with a score of 7.8/10.

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  1. i have watched the movie based on the recommendation. it is a good movie. please suggest some series as well.

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