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Descendants of the Sun: Kdrama review

Descendents of the Sun is a Korean drama that was released in 2016. It mainly focuses on the love story between an on-duty soldier and a hardworking, independent

Why Descendants Of the Sun

Descendants of the Sun is a Korean drama that was released in 2016. It mainly focuses on the love story between an on-duty soldier and a hardworking, independent doctor. It would be best if you tried watching this fantastic rom-com, and mostly liked Korean drama. The storyline, including the romance era, is something next-level and unpredictable. Korean drama uses all handsome and beautiful actors for their second lead or villains.

It is a story of a soldier from the alpha team in the military named Yoo Shi-Jin (role played by Song Jung-ki), who falls in love with a pretty doctor named Kang Mo-Yeon (role played by Song Hye-kyu) who works in a big hospital. Their build-up chemistry is the most exciting part. They have their own life with complications in both professional life and personal life.


We know that a military man in a high post has many responsibilities and duties! Moreover, The hero from the alpha team has secret missions to complete, which he cannot disclose to anyone, even his girlfriend. And the female cast is not just a physician but a heart surgeon who has to work hours in ICU for surgeries. What will be the level of compatibility of this couple? With so many hurdles and obstructions in between, how will they manage to be together? I want to emphasize a character named Eom Hong-Sik, played by Yoo Ah-In, who is a man of dignity and has a life-changing situation. He is an inspiring character and conveys a message to all of us.


The main characters’ meeting is a destiny shown later, but their meeting is still confusing, leading to the viewer’s curiosity. The characteristics of the lead female in this drama are much unexpected. The location of the shooting place is all a built-up place just for this drama!
There comes a time when all four meet due to some circumstances, and a disaster occurs. What will happen to them, and what is the disaster? The story has mystical scenes and interesting characters, which you should watch at least once!


The main casts of the drama have dated in real life. Song Jung-ki, as Yoo Shin-jin, is a brave, handsome gentleman who has many challenges to face before and after meeting a beautiful woman Song Hye-Kyo as Kang Mo-Yeon. They form a lovely couple, being interested in each other and wanting to go out and spend more time together, but will their profession allow it?. Will they be happy with the happenings around them? What is so important to him that he doesn’t have time to be with her? Will she break up with him? Will he be able to keep her happy? All these questions have unpredictable answers! It would be a great experience if you watched this drama with friends and family to know the story completely. Will he disclose his doings to her?

The second lead casts also have fantastic chemistry.
Jin Goo plays the second lead male cast as Sao Dae-young, who is an assistant soldier and also the best friend of Yoo Shi-jin, and Kim Ji-won as Yoon Myeong-Joo, who is a military doctor who is very emotional about her boyfriend. They are in love already, but there is a big reason why they cannot be together. What are the consequences faced by them? Will their relationship become one-sided? All the side casts have a relatable story that impresses the audience. Believe me; you will definitely love this story plot.

Like other dramas, this series has 16 episodes; we can watch it with English subtitles.
The drama is available on OTT platforms like NETFLIX, Viki, and Dramacool.

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