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Barry: Tv Series review

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Barry is a mind-boggling, violent, and terror-striking series on HBO. It has a fantastic cast and an upbeat and catchy speed, making it a fascinating watch. The scenes are a perfect mix of


Barry is a mind-boggling, violent, and terror-striking series on HBO. It has a fantastic cast and an upbeat and catchy speed, making it a fascinating watch. The scenes are a perfect mix of violence and comedy, which has to be appreciated. The series creators, Alec Berg, and Bill Hader, are veteran comedy creators and comedians who have put their heart and soul into this passion project.

Great Storyline Of Barry

Barry is a dark comedy deep-rooted in violence. Barry Berkman is an ex-Marine turned hit man for hire who has to travel to Los Angeles, California, for a hit job from a Chechen gang lord. While tailing the target, he stumbles upon an acting class. Even though the course is for actors, his target forces Barry to participate in a skit.

Life takes a turn for Barry when he realizes that he is not meant to be a killer but rather an actor. Acting makes his inner demon calm down. He does an audition with a washed-out actor named Gene Cousineau, who teaches the class. Barry starts sharing the stage with a fellow actress from Sally Reed’s course and inevitably falls in love with her. His past sometimes comes back to him in moments of anger and pain, and Barry loses control. To the dismay of himself but amusing to all other class members.

The sudden shift from intense violence to a calm, collected actor could not be portrayed better. In one scene, he acts out a scene with barely any emotion, followed by an insanely personal and traumatizing memory that unlocks the great actor hidden inside Bill. During the series, every other actor in his class gets a chance to improve while acting with Barry. The only character that does not progress is Barry, who starts as a mess of a human being and continues to be so, only showing a few seconds of clarity and regret for his actions.


This 4 season’s drama is a must-watch for crime enthusiasts with a penchant for well-written and well-executed series. The constant switch in speed and tone is a bit jarring at first but is understandable and followable by anyone. Contrastingly, the continued violence is unsuitable for children and those who hate gore. Barry is an emotional rollercoaster of a show with impressive performances from the lead Bill Hader(Barry Berkman), Sarah Goldberg(Sally Reed). Other Actors are Anthony Carrigan (NoHo Hank), Henry Winkler(Gene Cousineau), and Stephen Root(Monroe Fuches).

Performance of Barry

From the beginning of its airing in 2018, the show has maintained a high level of excellence in direction, writing, and acting, which has garnered multiple awards and accolades. Show has had the title of the best Dark comedy presented to it. Emmys have nominated the series for over 50 different categories. It has achieved a significant milestone by being one of the only shows with a 99% on rotten tomatoes and continues its season 1 high up until the end.

My Opinion about Barry

For me, Barry is a fantastic show which is worth watching just for the comedic timing of Bill Hader and the absolute tom foolery of Anthony Carrigan as NoHo Hank. The Series reads like a novel with intense action and violence leading up to an emotional scene. Barry is the epitome of a show which portrays a hero with negative features. A man who does not deserve to be loved, but fate puts him in a position to be adored by many. It is a fantastic show and an absolute banger for people who expect twists at every turn of the scene. It deserves a score of 9.5/10.

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